1. I am the dog's owner:
2. My dog has a microchip:
3. Name of Applicant
First Name
Last Name
Civic #
Street Name
Street Type
Unit #
Postal Code
Phone Number
4. Dog Details

Dog's Name
Age of Dog
Sex of Dog

By applying for this license, you confirm that:

  1. your above-named dog is up to date with their vaccination against rabies, or that you have a written exemption by a practicing licensed veterinarian as per the by-law’s vaccination schedule;
  2. once you dog licence and tag are issued, you shall ensure that your dog wears a collar with the current tag attached and if lost, that you will be responsible for the cost of replacement;.
  3. you understand that this licence shall expire one year from the date it was issued, that it only applies to the above-named dog, and that it cannot be transferred.